changing document root problem

Hello guys,
I want to change the home directory (document root) (image 1
I have changed the document root in apache config file (please look at the image 2

The web site running and working fine but now I can not login with FTP. It asks me for user name and password.

When I went to change the password to the Webmin>Webmin Users and clicked on the user I got the warning (image 3

If you look at the image 1 it show the home directory /home/website while I want it to be /var/www/website I think if we do that, I will be able to go into the web site using FTP.

For your inforamation, I have 15 other web site which I did not change the document root and all of them are working fine but they DO NOT have CGI. [color=#FF0000]The reason I am changing the document root is the suexec is executing cgi ONLY from /hom/. [/color]

Please help either way:
1-How to chang change the home directory (image 1)
2-or how to solve the user name password with FTP
3- or how can I change the suexec to make it work with /home/ directory as appose to /var/www/ directory.

sorry when I upded the image I saw the warning about image size so I had to post in on an external web site here:

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