Changing document root for website

I`m making a new website while the old is still online

I`m maiking the new one, in a directory in root called version2.

When I`m all done I want to change from the old version to the new version in folder"version2"

How and where do I change so the new website root will be “version2”

from this


to this



when done, why not move the old site to /oldsite and the site in /version2 to root?
That’s much easier than changing your doc root in apache

ronald has a point. :slight_smile:

If you have to change the root of the active page for some reason: The Document Root entry would have to be changed (not directly accessible through Virtualmin for existing servers - you need to use Services / Configure Website / Document Options), and possibly a redirect for “/” to “/version2” is required so that the correct version is loaded when a user fetches your URL with just the hostname.

Even better, but also more complicated, than a redirect would be using Apache’s mod_rewrite; then the user would not see the “/version2/” in the URL path.

All in all, moving directories indeed would be easier.