changing a users password

hi - this should be simple but i find myself struggling:

i can go into Webmin–>Webmin–>WebminUsers, and click a users name,

and then i get this warning:

This Webmin user should not be edited as it is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) module. Click here to bypass this warning and edit the user anyway - but beware that any manual changes may be over-written!

ok fair enough, but i cant seem to figure out where i can set a password in Virtuamin - i would think it would be under “Edit Users” but i dont see a ‘set password’ option there.

any thoughts? (remember, i am a newbie)


You can set the Virtual Server owner’s password in Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable Options.

All the other passwords can be set in the Edit Users screen.


eric - i sure must be missing something pretty obvious!

in Virtualmin, i select my “virtual-server”

then i click “Edit Users”

at that point i see my virtual-server name edwardsmarkf, i click it.

now i have three categories under “Edit User”

  1. Virtual server administration user’s mailbox details
  2. Email settings
  3. Other user permission

i still don’t see where i set the password. i KNOW i have done this before but i cant remember where i did it!

i am using:
Virtualmin version 3.94.gpl GPL


If you’re in Edit Users, and you see the Virtual Server name – that’s the Virtual Server owner… that one is the one that can’t actually be changed from within the Edit Users screen.

To change that one, you’d want to go into Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable Options, and in there you’d see a “Administration password” option, where you can set the Virtual Server owner’s password.

Let us know if that does the trick for you!


eric - this option was “hiding” from me yesterday. were you responsible for that? :wink:

hey - THANK YOU!