Changes won't save in "Edit User" > "Send updated account email to"


I’m currently facing problems with an option in the Edit User-page. The Send updated account email to option won’t save. All other fields working just fine, but this doesn’t work. I did try with a few mails, but is jumps back to Don't send everytime i marking the other option.


Specs of env.:

Operating system Debian Linux 7
Webmin version 1.860
Usermin version 1.721
Virtualmin version 6.01-3
Theme version Authentic Theme 18.49-9

My mail-server is working just fine, RAM and HDD-space is also OK.

Can you try switching to the old Virtualmin Framed Theme (you may need to install webmin-virtual-server-theme package if you don’t already have it installed) and see if the problem occurs there, too? This may be a theme issue, and if so we’d need to get Ilia on it.

Hi again,

After some issues with updating Authentic Theme to the last build, i finally figured that out by doing it manually with the included .sh-script instead.
But sadly nothing changed. I also tested with Old Webmin Theme and Gray Framed Theme and the last one, with no succes.

Extra info:
I just saw that the mails actually is showing up in my mailbox, so the values is saved in the backend - but isn’t listed correcly in the GUI - on all themes, as i can see.

Let me know, if you need any other informations.

Any news here?:slight_smile:

Tagging as I’m experiencing this same bug as well (while trying to migrate and having users reset their own passwords… grrr)

I can confirm that using the latest updated virtualmin version, I am having the same issue. Even though I have checked to send emails to user’s in Email Settings - Updated Mailbox Email and also have checked on the checkbox next to the Don’t send option, then clicked on save, but nothing was saved. The email is sent only when i click on save and never again. It’s like it is not saved as an option.

Is this a bug?

You can see my virtualmin settings below:

Operating system
CentOS Linux 7.4.1708
Webmin version 1.900
Usermin version 1.734
Virtualmin version 6.02
Authentic theme version 19.21

Another bump for this thread. I’m experiencing the same issue - also on the latest version.

neural, it seems like that the button was designed more to send the info just once when you click on save settings, rather than saving your email of choice.
This is how I ended up using it.