Changed options after 3.96 update


After the last update I’m getting some oddities on a single domain (as well as any subs).

It seems as though all of the options in “Website Options” have whacked out. They are now either changed to “No” or the bullet selection is removed completely. The “PHP information” drop-down section is also blank. All of the domains have always used FCGID, I have had mod_php disabled for at least a year now.

The website seems to be happily humming along, so I’m cautious about touching anything at this point, but at the same time I have a feeling if I don’t touch it something may go wrong down the road.

Again, this is only happening for a single virtual host and any subs under it. :confused:

I’ve attached a screenshot. =>

Actually, it’s happening on two top level domains. Both are my SSL sites.

Since the second one is less important to me, I tried fixing the options and saving. It fails with:
“Failed to save website options : No section found for mod_fcgid directives”

This is semi-true. The :80 directives have pretty much nothing, I stripped them down since these sites are SSL-only. All of the directive information is located in the :443…

All I have in the :80 directive for those two sites are:

RedirectPermanent /
ErrorLog /var/log/virtualmin/
CustomLog /var/log/virtualmin/ combined

So I guess that’s the problem? Oddly enough Virtualmin never cared about this before. I just renewed my SSL certs a month ago so that means I’ve been running this identical setup for over a year.

I assume something was changed in 3.96 :frowning:

Before I start rebuilding the :80 directives… there’s nothing I can do to have it ignore the content of :80 for SSL hosts like it behaved in 3.95?

Thank you.


What symptom were you experiencing that made you think to look in the Website Options area?

I know that even with older Virtualmin releases, not having a standard VirtualHost block could make the Website Options screen look as you’re describing… I guess I’m wondering if maybe it was already like that, but perhaps you’re also experiencing some additional problem since the recent update?

If that’s true though, let us know what symptoms you’re seeing outside of that odd looking screen in Virtualmin. Thanks!