Changed Ip Address

Hi Guys
Fairly new here so go easy on me

Ive been using virtualmin for a while now and i must say i love it :slight_smile:

anyway I have just moved my server to a new location so it can have some fully routes ips

Before it was behing a NAT firewll and had the ip of and all virtual servers were created on this shared ip.

now it has a fully routed ip 83.67.x.x I have changed the ip of the interface card and all new servers are now being created with the corrct ip etc, however the existing servers still have the ip of so I just went into the apache config and changed this, so far so good but when I look at an existing server in virtualmin it still says IP Address (Shared By All Servers) i know ive changed it on apache and everything seems to be working ok but how can i get virtualmin to report the correct ip for the server???

Hey Matt,

Virtualmin has it’s own configurable IP address setting (because it manages a lot more than just Apache), which you’ll need to update. On the Virtualmin main page, you’ll find an icon labeled “Change IP Addresses”. Click that, set the “Address of servers to update” to your old address, and the “New IP address” to the new address. Leave the “Servers to update” field se to “All servers” and click Change Now.

This will update everything (I think…your having changed them manually in Apache might confuse it, but I doubt it).

Oh yeah, this is a relatively recent feature. You’ll need to be running 3.2x to see it.

On older versions, you would need to update each domain individually.