Changed from cable to adsl line

I now have problems accessing any of my domains as all that ever shows is the default centOS Apache2 webpage.

All was working great when on a cable connection but even though i have set virtualmin to use the public available IP address and checked the settings in dns to be correct, also set up the DMZ option on my dlink router. the apache webpage is all that i ever get when trying to view the sites from the outside world.

I am sure this must have been a problem to some people in the past although a search brings nothing up for me? :frowning:

Any help appreciated.


Did you IP address by chance change along the way?

It’s possible the IP address listed at the top of your VirtualHost blocks in the Apache config is incorrect, thus leading Apache not to use any of them.


No the apache2 module is showing the correct public address as well.

The IP address has changed as i now have a static address to use as apposed to a dynamic address.

I made sure that the dns and virtualmin used the new IP address as well.

Well, not necessarily the external address – if you’re using port forwarding (ie, if your server is on an internal LAN), what matters is the address that Apache is listening on.

So if your server was sitting on originally (regardless of what the external IP is), and the server later moved to, Apache wouldn’t be setup to listen on that address properly without some modifications.


But if i enable the DMZ on the router - should all inbound traffic automatically be forwarded to the server? this would then be the same as if it was on the cable connection.

If you can explain what i need to do a little more i would appreciate it.

A little background info for you.

My prior setup was a cable connection that gave my server a internet IP of 82.xx.xx.xx
my server responded to all requests on that address.

Now i have an adsl connection and my adsl router now gets the traffic and IP address of 89.xx.xx.xx

My server now has an internal IP of 192.xx.xx.xx from the router.

Do i need to set up forwarding rules on the router to forward traffic to the server although it is the only machine on that network and also has the DMZ enabled for that machine??

Thanks again for your time and comments eric.


If you’re getting the CentOS page, then you have your router/forwarding setup properly.

What’s left is configuring Apache.

Has the IP address on the server itself changed since you switched from cable to adsl?

There’s another way to figure this out –

in your /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file, you’ll have a line that says NameVirtualHost x.x.x.x.

Additionally, for each domain, you’ll have a line such as “VirtualHost x.x.x.x”.

Whatever that x.x.x.x is, that needs to match the IP address of your server. Not the external IP that remote clients see, but the internal IP of your server – probably IP of the “eth0” interface.


Well thanks for the pointers eric, but i got a work around - I could not find anything that was not pointing to the correct place so i have installed a different modem and set it to use the public IP on the Local Net, so this works the same as when i had on the cable modem.

Thanks for your time and help.