Change the main and default IP

Hi there,

I have 5 IPS on a dedicated server with debian installed. with the following details:

Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.3 (squeeze)
Release: 6.0.3
Codename: squeeze

on one of the domains lets say : we are using ngnix for production sites. We have installed virtualmin on another IP for dev and test sites. However, the virtualmin tends to assign the first IP ending with 132 as a default ip which cause the server to get down and apache is stopped.

Any advice to get around this issue.



Yeah, by default, Virtualmin assumes that Apache is the only running web server on your system, and it also assumes that your domains would go in the first IP address found on your system.

You can tweak those defaults though – to do that, go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Network Settings. In your case, it sounds like you may want to change “Network interface for virtual addresses”.


Thank you. I have to options: Network interface for virtual addresses 1: Detect automatically 2: eth0

PLease check attached. Which one shall I use?