Change owner permissions


I created a virtualserver ‘test’ and configure this user as administrator in Ubuntu

If I log in with user ‘root’ I can see the option: ‘Server Configuration’ > ‘Website Options’ > ‘PHP script execution mode’. But, if I log in with user ‘test’ I can’t see this option.

Where can I change owner permissions? What can I do?

You can edit the features and capabilities of server owners by selecting their top-level server and going to Administration Options -> Edit User Limits.

Thanks for your answer! I had seen those options, but I can’t find the option to allow user to modify this

I have done what is explained here (, but it did not work

I should think that checking “Can edit website options” should allow the server owner to modify the PHP execution mode…

Also, the thread you linked to talks about Extra Admins, while you talk about making the “user an administrator in Ubuntu”, and the options I mentioned are for the server owner. I’m a bit confused now. :slight_smile:

I have checked this option and the server owner don’t see this option

I want that the server owner can set the ‘PHP script execution mode’ option from ‘Server Configuration’ > ‘Website Options’. Do you understand me?

PD: Sorry for my Spanglish

Yep, I understand. :slight_smile:

Okay, if “Can edit website options” doesn’t help here, I’m afraid I don’t know how to achieve your goal. Maybe Eric has further ideas.

No ideas? :frowning: