change login name for vritual server

Usually, when i create a new virtual server, for example for, virtualmin create primary login as domain, and other like login.domain.
Is it possibile to create login like: ?


During creation you would see the option: Administration username o Automatic o Custom username right under the Account Plans option

However I have no idea if there arise issues when you enter such username. You might want to try it on some testdomain first.

however i’ve read that postfix can have some problems with user like:, so i’ll leave unchanged… thanks

Virtualmin has workarounds for all of those problems. Their use is a bit more complicated on the backend, but it’s pretty well hidden from the user and administrator.

But, if you can use another format, it’s generally simpler.


there is another option in the server template. Go to your server template and in the dropdown menu go to mail for domain. At the bottom you see another dropdown menu Format for usernames that include domain.

But that isn’t used as administration username during creation of the virtual server. It is used when you create mailboxes/ftp users.

the same alert:
The username@domain option is not recommended unless you are migrating users from another system that already uses it. The Postfix mail server has problems with SMTP authentication by users with an @ in the username, and requires that an extra Unix user be created for each mailbox for mail delivery to work

the alert doesn’t stop you from using it though. It is how all my users are set up and I haven’t heard of problems yet.