Change IP


my ip address changed and i’m trying to change it for the virtual server but i keep getting this error message “Failed to change IP address : The new address is already in use by the system” even though its still displaying my old IP.

any ideas?


How are you going about changing your IP address?

Do any other Virtual Servers use the IP you’re attempting to change it to?

There is only one virtual server, and i’m changing it by:

Virtualmin>>Server Configuration>> Change IP address

Out of curiosity, if you go into Server Configuration -> Addresses and Networking, and use that area to change the IP address for your Virtual Server, does that work?

Addresses and Networking isnt listed under Server Configuration it has its own drop down sub-options, and in Addresses And Networking >>Change IP Address only my local LAN ip is listed there.

Heh, indeed, I’m not sure where I got the above location from :slight_smile:

I meant to say, Addresses and Networking -> Change IP address.

From in there, you can set "Address of servers to update" to the address you wish to change, and then put the new IP in "New IP address".

didnt work, i get this message "No non private IP servers are using the old IP address"

ok, so i followed this and i was able to change my ip address :slight_smile:

BUT… now my webmail wont work… like the it doesnt even goto the login page

nvm, apache was down…

i’m gonna try to see if my email is working now… and i’ll post back :slight_smile:

everything seems to be working now…

thank you :slight_smile: