Change IP Address Changes All Subdomains in BIND Zone

Having an issue I haven’t had before the last couple of weeks.

Whenever I go to change the IP address (only tried with IPv6 as I have multiple of those, only one IPv4), of the top level domain, say, and I have subdomains in the BIND DNS zone such as,, and so on, all of the IPv6 addresses for them are changed if I use the Change IP Address option in Virtualmin for the top level The actual servers IP addresses aren’t changed, so they just stop responding as the zone propagates as Apache is still serving them on the original IP address.

Basically, they all have started out on the same shared IP address and I’m transitioning different subdomains (and the base domain) as needed to different IPv6 addresses, but with Virtualmin overwriting every subdomain in the zone file whenever the main one is first updated, that causes a problem.

My guess is Virtualmin is just scanning the file for the IPv6 address and then just changing all matches, but I’m just taking a shot in the dark. Changing a subdomain first, however, does not cause that issue to happen, so I know I could just change all subdomains first then the base one, but still seems like a weird bug, and that if gone unnoticed by me (or anyone else) when changing an IP through Virtualmin, could cause an issue.

Virtualmin 4.09 GPL running on Ubuntu 14.04.1 with all packages up to date.