change IMAP/FTP login from user@domain to user.domain

Is there a way to change existing usernames without deleting full mailboxes.

There is problem because I cannot make POP and SMTP to work on Outlook.
SMTP keep reporting wrong user name even if I change it to user.domain. POP3 is working, mail can be downloaded but sending doesn’t work.
After I changed back all Server templates to show user.domain, adding new user creates user.domain login and reading/sending works.

How to “recover” already created users that have user@domain IMAP/FTP login into user.domain?

Please forgive my chaotic language - I’ve tryed to explain the best I could.

I renamed username into username-backup, then renamed it back to username. After that virtualmin created two users.

One username-backup with user@domain login and new one username with user.domain login. Both had all of mails saved.

So… now everything is working. kewl :slight_smile: