Change default ACLs?

Is it possible to change the default ACLs that Virtualmin uses? Perhaps I want to restrict a few things that Virtualmin does not within specific modules, say, file manager for example. I don’t want to re-define all of those in Webmin, is there an easy way to do this?

Howdy – I wanted to get more info on what you’re after here.

ACL’s for what or where, specifically?

I have a whole variety of things to change, so, thought I would ask more general.

So, for example, for ALL Virtualmin users, I want to make it so in file manager, they have no access to the ACL, Ext, and Attrs button.

That’s one use. Then I got to thinking, what is ANY wemin module they have access to, I want to restrict a little more than the default?

So, I want to be able to define Webmin ACLs for each users.

Yes, I realize I can assign users to a specific group, say, hostusers. And then I can go through all webmin modules and then assign the correct ACLs. But what a royal pain to redo what Virtualmin has already done.

Better than that, my account plans each have different features. So, really, I want to be able to assign webmin access by account plan.

Probably, pie in the sky. :slight_smile:


Well, some of that you can do in System Settings -> Module Config, you may want to look at "Webmin Modules available to Server Administrators" and "Extra Modules available to Server Administrators".

Unfortunately, since that’s in Module Config rather than System Templates, all the options there are set for the entire server rather than a per-Virtual Server setting.

That’s similar to the file manager features you asked about – I’m not sure that you can lock down certain aspects of it, I’m pretty sure that’s all or nothing as well.

If you want more control there, you can always file a feature request, and see what Jamie thinks about it :slight_smile:

I think you can assign new users to a Webmin group, based on Server Template.

Yep, the option is in "Webmin login" and is labeled "Webmin group for domain owners"

Jamie thinks of everything.