Change db for installed script?

Hi, I wanted to migrate a server’s script into virtualmin, so I cheated a bit. I…

  1. upgraded to the same version as Virtualmin
  2. moved the files out of the way
  3. installed the script using virtualmin
  4. deleted the virtualmin files and replaced with customer’s product

This worked wonderfully, except I had virtualmin create a temporary db while it installed. Now when I look at the script through virtualmin, it lists the wrong db and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can correct that.

Thanks, in advance.


First, I haven’t tried this before, so I don’t know how well it works :slight_smile:

However, poking around a bit, I think you can do that by updating two files:

  1. /etc/webmin/mysql/USERNAME.acl

  2. /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/DOMAIN_ID

For #1, update the “dbs=” line. For #2, it’s the “db_mysql” line.