Change Database from one virtual server to the other

Guys, is there a way to point a Sub-Server to another DB?.. I’ve just created a Sub and, VM automatically creates a DB for it. My question is, can I use another DB with the newly created Sub?.. I’d like to keep all DB’s, per Domain, in one place. Thanks in advance.

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There are at least two possible ways to do this:

  1. disassociate the db from its virtual server so that it becomes available in the pool of dbs which can be imported and then import it to the virtual server to which the sub server belongs.

  2. simpler than 1) is to just use the credentials of the other virtual server to access the db via localhost.

@unborn will scold me later for suggesting an approach in 2) which is not as secure as he would like it to be, but I think it is okay.


Done that several times myself. Never had an issue.


I’ve done 2 without knowing… LOL… Thanks Cal…


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