CGI problems

I am migrating websites from a legacy system to our new ubuntu virtualmin server. The cgi-bin was in the document root on the old server. On the new server, the cgi-bin directory has been moved to the parent of the document root. cgi-bin is not under public_html, which is the document root for the website in apache. virtualmin has put some stuff in the new (parent) location, so I have no idea what the implications are of changing the cgi-bin directive in apache to point at the document root (old code location.) This will require me to recode all of the old cgi stuff! Bad enough that ‘use Mysql’ has been deprecated. I have to rewrite all of the login and cursor logic. Enough is enough! Help!

can’t you move the folder to your document root, per haps even symlink to the old location?

That is what I am planning. I think if I symlink it, virtualmin probably should not know the difference. Are there any security implications of moving the cgi-bin folder to the document root? If I move the folder and symlink it, should I change the apache directive, or leave it alone?

I dont think additional security issues will arise. I also dont think you’d have to change any directive as apache still believes the folder is where it expects it.