CentOS PHP 5.4 EOL - whats the plan for virtulmin to run on latest/supported PHP version

is there any plan to migrate virtulmin to a new php version other than 5.4?
i’m running PHP 7.x and 5.4 side by side but would like to move away from 5.4 and only support a single version on my server farm…
currently running CentOS 7.6 (1810)


PHP 5,4 comes with CentOS, and RHEL/CentOS actually provide support and bug/security fixes for it.

They’ll be supporting that until CentOS 7 reaches it’s end of life.

It’s true that PHP 5.4 isn’t available directly from php.net, but when it comes from CentOS it’s actually fully supported.

If you want additional PHP versions though, our suggestion is to run newer versions side-by-side like you’re doing now.

welp guess thats what i suspected…