Centos never lets me down tried Debian now get error when I try to update virtualmin

The web interface does not work this is what I get after an apt-get update

Release file for http://debian.man.ac.uk/debian/dists/wheezy-updates/Release is expired (invalid since 7d 18h 20min 59s). Updates for this repository will not be applied

Tried this work around

apt-get -o Acquire::Check-Valid-Until=false update

Which let it update but buttons do not click tio allow changes (Like I wanted to change the password on a site.

Reverted my snapshot so I still have a working server,

Any ideas

If Centos works great why do you want to change the OS? Is there anything special you get from other OS that Centos cant offer you?

Yes I am coming to that conclusion

Hi Mintra, well centos is well stable and great os to run server on! (hands up) but debian works a bit differ… first things first you are not on UBUNtu so no need for those ‘apt-get’ just type apt update and then apt upgrade -y :slight_smile:

once you are on it - it will never let you down. Debian distro is marked for support same as centos… I guess you did something wrong or some stuff - but in a nut nothing to worry about - if you have some backups (stuff you know all along) - so whats the actual issue you having right there matey?


you should offer user (or an op) help instead of asking confusing questions - users usually made changes when they feel its obsolete or nothing new is coming in (regards the updates - which you already know the answer - so no fuss about) or os is just out of date long time - I think he spotted the issue of being well behind - from perspectives of devs and finally from its own group users… like your question 'well my 20 years old car still works perfectly - nor manage the perfect fuel efficiency - but hey its still works - why would you ever change it - its so simple, be nice to other folks :slight_smile: including me, just - would you spear some time to learn debian, perhaps not. have good day.

Well Centos isnt like a old car, at least not version 7. People often change things just for the sake to try something else, but this isnt advisable in hosting because i’m more for “if it aint broke dont fix it”. Second, Centos is at the top of OS when it comes to hosting, at least classic type of hosting. I’m sure other distro have their advantages but i, nor many others dont see it in this way or at least we dont need/use those advantages. Even supporting software is primary focused on Centos and often this distro gets first the updates and changes. But you already know that.

Nothing against Debian so i dont know from where did you pull out your conclusion, i’m sure its good option just not for me and looks like not for OP. I just ask simple question, if Centos was working fine is there any reason he decided to change. Simple and legitimate question with a touch of curiosity.