Centos 8 lifecycle end 2021

A Webmin module for KernelCare would be nice, too. All it would minimally need to do would be defer non-critical kernel updates for a few days (which is what I basically do manually). It could also do more; but since the goal is to avoid reboots due to kernel updates, that would minimally be enough.

I’d code one myself, but my Perl skills suck.


I think you have an opportunity to influence these decisions :smiley: I for one will be very interested in which direction you go or show support for. After getting so much help from you and the rest of the team here over the years, I respect and value your opinion very much on these matters.

For me personally I basically want the equivalent of what we always had with CentOS - a reliable, secure, production-ready distro.

Stream does sound a little bit interesting, as the only thing I wished with CentOS in the past is that it wasn’t so behind in terms of packages - so maybe this could be a good thing and I’m certainly keeping my options open - but as soon as I start experiencing issues with it, or begin to hear that lots of others are, I will be looking to move to something else (such as Debian or Rocky Linux).

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Hi Team. Just for the record I’ll be looking at Rocky Linux. I’ve already signed their contribution form and will see what I can contribute to the infrastructure side, which is where I excel.

I had a couple of CentOS 8 machines in test, but will not be pursuing them and will likely just shut them down for a rebuild in the CentOS 7 suite.

I’m glad I didn’t move to CentOS 8 with the companies I consult for, Rocky Linux end of Q2 2021 will likely have a release so by then we can re-evaluate.

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Already signed dear edwardsmarkf

support for all of cloudlinux products would be awesome from virtualmin…especially if they decide to support the rhel rebuild CL is doing…:slight_smile:

That would be pretty tough to pull off for CL because it’s pretty highly-customized, as is Virtualmin.

On the other hand, it would be in both companies’ interests; so I can’t imagine Igor turning down a request by Virtualmin for a few free licenses (nor vice-versa) to see if they could make it work. But Igor’s guys are probably working full-time on Lenix, and our guys are overworked as it is.

By the way, KernelCare works just fine in Virt without an official module. I basically just ignore non-critical kernel updates until they get live-patched, which can take a few hours to a few days. By “non-critical,” I mean not security-related, and not correcting some bug that I’ve actually been experiencing.

Occasionally, the KernelCare patches actually happen before the official kernel updates, in which case I don’t even get the update notification. But a module would still be nice to have.


well welcome to debian and linux :slight_smile:

Here are few things people should know about CentOS Linux Stream:

  1. Stream is NOT clone I used, and kernel will never be as stable as RHEL cloned kernel,
  2. EPEL will not be complied against Stream but against RHEL packages
  3. ElRepo 3rd party drivers will NEVER be compiled against Stream kernels but against RHEL kernels. If you have (hardware) system that needs drivers not in a RHEL kernel, you can loose connection or storage link after reboot.
  4. At some points in time new Stream kernels will come at such a fast pace that driver builders will not be able to keep up
  5. With possible frequent changes in kABI curremt kmod/weak update driver/module model will not be applicable to Stream like it is to CentOS Linux.

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