CentOS 8 LDAP server

I have a CentOS 8 server (alongside two CentOS 7) and want to install a distributed LDAP system.
Under CentOS 7 I would use OpenLDAP but I read this is deprecated in Cent=S 8 and not included in the repository. 389DS is mentioned as the replacement advised by CentOS.
I have three questions:

  1. Which LDAP server would you advise, thinking to future updates and longevity?
  2. Are the Webmin modules (server & client) LDAP server agnostic. That is do they communicate by LDAP protocols or do they have specific OpenLDAP features (file locations etc)?
  3. Can 389DS and OpenLDAP synchronize between themselves, and Is it OK to mix servers or something to be avoided?

Many thanks in advance if you have any advice or experiences to share with CentOS8 and 389DS or other LDAP servers.

bump! Do you have some advice? TIA

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