CentOS 7 Virtualmin did not finish creating second top-level Virtual Server

Having some trouble with a new-ish Virtualmin install on CentOS 7.

I installed the server’s first top-level domain (giving it a new, dedicated IP address), and a sub-server which was an alias for the first one. Later, I went back to install a second top-level domain. I set this one to share hosting on the default server IP.

That install of the second domain did not work properly. I could see from the scrolling text that it went through much of the process, and then the virtualmin web interface seemed to hang somewhere around or after the apache config changes. After a while of it being dead, I went back into the virtualmin interface, and found that the new domain was not available in the dropdown list. I also could not attempt to add this user to Virtualmin again (due to an error about the username already existing).

I can see that it created the user in the system and the corresponding /home directory with public_html, but that the public_html directory is empty. It edited the httpd.conf and added the apache config, but did not make it so far as to create the MySQL database that it was supposed to.

Would be curious if anyone has seen this or has an idea of what went wrong? Also wondering what the recommended way would be to remove this half-baked user from the system (IE: if something needs to come out of Virtualmin itself, or just removing the user and apache config section is fine).