CentOS 7: Unable to start BIND after Webmin update

Yes, correct – add in case those two lines are missing or replace existing.

In the other thread, with linked solution, you mentioned if users initially installed 1.999-2 they wouldn’t see it. One would presume if they installed 1.999-1 then 1.999-2 or reinstalled 1.999-2 then it would appear. Perhaps those affected now, simply did the 1.999-2 update initially.

Anyway, glad you’ve figured out the issue regarding the two additional missing directives in the Bind config. Many thanks.

Hi Ilia,

I applied your fix and installed the latest webmin, virtualmin and usermin.
My Dashboard now looks right but some things are still missing.

My biggest concern now is missing mail aliases, as you can see on the screenshot it says 0 mail aliases. I also no longer have mail aliases tab under virtualmin. Please help.

Can confirm, all previous server that was
Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1
Usermin version 1.854
Authentic theme version 19.99

were missing that chroot and auto_chroot on /etc/webmin/bind8/config

After we add that two lines on the config, and continue to do webmin update on one of our small server.
The previous error was not seen this time, BIND was able to start correctly.

Will be rolling this fix and doing update for the rest of the server after we renew our snapshots.


You need to make sure that Mail for domain feature is enabled on Edit Virtual Server page.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is completely unrelated to the BIND issue that started this thread. Please start a new topic for new problems.

Edit: I have deleted your other posts about the unrelated problem to keep this thread on-topic. Feel free to re-post to a new topic about the problem.

Hi @Ilia,

My server details are the same as the topic creator. I was able to upgrade to 2.001 with no Bind issues thus far. In my config file, for chroot= is blank but for auto_chroot I have the following:

auto_chroot=sh -c '. /etc/sysconfig/named && echo "$ROOTDIR"'

Since I’m experiencing no Bind issues, should I leave this as is or should I set auto_chroot to blank?

Thank you!

Set it to blank.

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@Ilia After setting to blank, should Bind be restarted?

Thank you!

No, as changing Webmin Bind config doesn’t affect Bind service itself.

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