CentOS 7.4

Before update I like to ask if Virtualmin is compatible with CentOS 7.4 final or maybe with CR repository. They say there are a lot of chances, i.e. new openSSL.

Thanks for any answer

Where do you see CentOS 7.4 available? As far as I can tell it hasn’t been released yet, and 7.3.1611 is the latest version available from the CentOS page.

Regardless, CentOS 7 will always be supported…minor releases of CentOS do not change things in incompatible ways. Virtualmin systems installed with the old installer will have to wait until there is a version assigned for 7.4 (so I can make a link on the old download server). But, it won’t break anything…just won’t be able to get Virtualmin updates until the link exists. The Virtualmin 6 installer doesn’t have this problem.

As for CR, we don’t support or test against unreleased distros/versions. We already have an impossible task of making everything work across seven distro/version combos and two architectures. I simply can’t throw infinite variety into that mix and expect anything to ever be stable. We recommend you stick to stable/released software on servers.

Here you can see relaease infohttps://www.mail-archive.com/centos-announce@centos.org/msg10523.html


As I said, it’s already supported. (I did a test install earlier today while working on a CentOS 7 mail issue. Worked fine. There is a problem with new ClamAV packages, but it’s the case for all CentOS 7 versions and I’ll have a fix out in a little while.)