centos 6 + virtualmin GPL not working for me in a dedicated server

Fresh install on Centos 6.

Dedicated server in OVH. Installation base of Centos 6 / 64 bits.

I installed Centos 6 + Virtualmin GPL three times and not working for me.

I use my own dns’s servers in Opensrs/Tucows and I put them when Virtualmin ask for primary and secondary dns servers.

After create a new domain and put “index.html” in public_html

when I use Explorer I got:

Index of / Name Last modified Size Description

Apache/2.2.15 (Scientific Linux) Server at www.domain.es Port 80

If I go to Server Configuration > Website Options.

“Website options cannot be edited, as no Apache virtual host for domain.es port 80 was found!”

If I add manualy in Apache /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin mimail@gmail.com
DocumentRoot /home/domain/public_html
ServerName domain.es
ErrorLog logs/domain.es-error_log
CustomLog logs/domain.es-access_log common

I got in the browser: “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

But now it works Server Configuration > Website Options. I can see website options, but new problem when I try to save: “Failed to save website options : Missing or invalid website documents sub-directory”

I have “index.html” in public_html. I try with “index.htm”

If I use /var/www/html instead /home/domain/public_html it works… Drupal with php works fine too. But this is not the plan…

Perhaps I must try Centos 5.7?

Thank you.

I get that error. But in my case Apache and virtual hosts are not on port 80. I would like that feature of Virtualmin to work with Apache on non-standard port.

However, for you, if it works at /var/www/html, can you compare ownership and permissions of that folder with owndership and permissions of /home/domain/public_html ? Ownership of doc root must be different when php handler is an Apache module (ie php must be executable by owner of Apache process), than when using fcgid.

owner: apache:apache
permissions: 0755 (some files 644 because is a Drupal installation)

/home/domain/public_html (it’s a normal html website)
owner: domain:domain (webmin create the sites like this)
permissions: 0755

Actually when I writte a domain in the browser goes to /var/www/html because in httpd.conf virtualmin did not create the virtual host…

If I add manually the vitualhost to httpd.conf I got “You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

It is extrange I do not get any information from logs…

The problem can be on the centos base installation of de provider OVH?

But the installation of virtualmin works perfectly, whitout problem. All yum update goes well…

So what you seem to be saying is that you have chosen a php setup (ie mod_php) which requires folder owner to be apache.apache. Not a problem with anything. You just have to set your folder ownership correctly.

Not sure whether Virtualmin is supposed to automate this when creating new Virtual Servers. I doubt it automates the permssion change when changing php execution method on an existing server. cPanel, which I know better, does not. It is maybe an area where the Virtualmin Pro command line tool is useful.