CentOS 6.6 PHP Update

Hi Guys,

Beginning to get sick of not being able to update the latest scripts (phpmyadmin / round cube) due to running an older version of PHP on CentOS 6.6.

Is there a way to update to the latest version of PHP?


There’s two supported options there… one is to migrate to CentOS 7, which provides a much newer PHP version.

The other option is to install a second PHP version from the SCL repo, as described in the documentation here:


Migrating is not an option, we have too much stuff on the server, and too much to go wrong in the upgrade to CentOS 7 :frowning:

Will give the multi version a try.

Is PHP V 5.4.16 the latest repo available, as PHPMYADMIN and Roundcube both need version 5.5+

Just looking at the CentOS upgrade - has anyone done this in situ with all the websites on successfully?


Hmm, both of those apps shouldn’t have a problem running with PHP 5.4.x.

However, the newest phpMyAdmin requires MySQL 5.5. Unfortunately, there isn’t a supported way to install that on CentOS 6.

It’s possible to run older phpMyAdmin versions though.


Software collections is a bunch of community supported versions of software that install like the SCL repository. Note that this is not supported but I’ve been testing out the PHP 5.5 repos and some others.