CENTOS 5 - Clean, Trouble-free install- Thanks Joe


Just wanted to let you know that I recently did a fresh install of Centos 5, installing just the barest minimum services… configured network, did the yum update, then ran the Virtualmin pro installation scripts, and everything worked right the first time!

Even my past installs on Centos4 have not been as flawless.

Congratulations on that, and thanks for continuing to make a great product better.

Will Sargent

Congrats! I’ve had great luck with Virtualmin Pro, mostly with the Fedora installs and have installed successfully on one of the earlier Ubuntu builds.

Wondering if CentOS is leaning towards the preferred build. Interested on any other’s opinions on this.

Once it is installed and set to upgrade automatically, I have had very few issues.

I am not related to the team, BTW…


Awesome. Always nice to hear. There have been some significant pains lately on Ubuntu, and I’m still fighting a bit with the changes in Fedora 7 with regard to repository layout changes (they’re good changes, and give Fedora a “universe”-like repository, but I need to accommodate the changes), but mostly things are better than ever.

As for “preferred build”, CentOS 5 and Debian 4 are equally well-loved by me. Ubuntu would be if it would stop breaking. I don’t know how they manage it, but our installer never seems to work on Ubuntu–I fix one problem and another pops up two days later. It’s a total whack-a-mole feeling, that Debian and CentOS don’t subject me to, so I do end up having a preference.

Nothing like a good game of whack-a-mole! At least it looks like you haven’t torn all your hair out yet!

My centos 5 experience has been excellent. If you can believe it, I downloaded the entire 5 ISO dvd (3.5gb) before the Centos 4 reinstall barely got to copying packages… Needles to say, cancelled that and did v5 in a fraction of the time.



I may give Debian a test. Can I install with the minimal boot CD and get what I need from there?

Thanks for the advice. CentOS5 will be in my back pocket.


Virtualmin downloads all the packages you need, so I bet that the minimum cd would work… And in some ways, that is the cleanest install…

Yes. I always start from minimal. Works fine. I’m not convinced our “universe” enabling trick is working, though, so you might make sure you’ve got the universe repo enabled before starting. I’ll have that fixed in the next day or two, I hope.