Centos 5.2 virtual web site php configuration

Dear All,

I’m new to virtualmin. Few days ago installed
Centos 5.2 with
php 5.1.6
Virtualmin 3.63 on
Webmin 1.44, by
install.sh automatic script

php work before created virtual web site by virtualmin (just simple phpinfo() function call!).

Read Joe’s post to create php-fcgi doesn’t work! “php configuration” option not show under “Server Config” sub-menu.

I don’t need php version control for seperate web site but just simple php support! Is there something missing when installing?

Thank you for your attention!

that a button doesnt show up in the template, doesnt mean your apache isn’t running under mod_fcgid

if you have followed the guidelines and restarted apache, then what does your phpinfo say?

Oh! sorry that I didn’t mention the Virtualmin is “GPL” version, not “Pro”!

Hi Ronald, it shows the content of the php script, as below!


Before Virtualmin, it shows appropriate php and server info.

I could duplicate the problem on VMware with same packages, is the bug with GPL auto install script? Or must go for Pro version?