Catching up after a long time, questions regarding PHP7 and PHP-FPM


It’s been almost two years I last had crystal-clear information on the topic, and when I wanted to catch up, I found conflicting answers, or answers that didn’t concern me (like those based on NginX). As I’m replacing my server in the first half of 2017, it’s time for me to catch up.

I hope this won’t be viewed as excessively lazy, could I ask for a short answer to two questions, two statuses, please?

(My context: Debian Wheezy, Webmin+Virtualmin, Apache, several websites including an old CMS that just can’t hope to work under PHP7 whose code its owner won’t upgrade.)

(1) - PHP-FPM: it’s not available yet within Virtualmin as a PHP execution mode with Apache, right? I couldn’t find progress mentions, but maybe I didn’t search properly.

(2) - PHP7 and older PHPs: can we have multiple versions of PHP on a Virtualmin server, and choose which version each virtual server will be using? Not by hacking and slashing within the Debian/Webmin/Virtualmin code, but as a normal official feature?

Sorry to ask bluntly, haha.

Thanks a LOT if someone can tell me!
Kind regards

Just in case my question went unnoticed :slight_smile: