captcha login for Virtualmin


is it possible to implement the captcha log-in for Virtualmin ? or at least one-time code and the system which generates for example 10-20 or more different codes which can be used only once ?



I unfortunately don’t know of a way to do that… it might be possible to do that by building a Webmin or Virtualmin plugin, but I don’t believe that sort of functionality exists now.


ok, but You can keep that in mind :slight_smile: would be nice to implement …

Thank You

great idea

the virtualmin folks could use this for example:

for example yes, it`s much more secure in addition to SSL (https)

than when we log on to Webmin-Virtualmin there is both SSL and captcha one time code…
it will improve the security at a higher level …

perhaps someone do not want to use captcha option, but you can at least make it as an option ENABLE-DISABLE … so they can decide to use it or not …