Can't write to WEBDAV, Forbidden 403


I have added WEBDAV to a server and can connect to it OK, but I cannot write to it, I get 403 Forbidden message.

Does anyone have any idea why?


OK I have fixed this now by changing permissions, from this thread:

but there is something else I do not understand…

When I setup Webdav, if I go to the root account domain:

I am able to view the files in the webdav folder in the browser!

But if I go to, then it asks me to login.

BUT this is the exact same folder. /dav just maps to public_html

Now I know I can change this, I did some experimenting by creating a new sub-folder and setting the /dav mapping to that, but by default it just set /dav to go to public_html which in my mind is a MASSIVE security and privacy risk because all my files I am uploading to /dav can be seen in the browser (if you know the direct URL due to directory indexing off).


I am also confusing and I don’t know nobody answering these questions …