Can't view website on my server from other computers using the same isp as I do.

I’ve got a problem. My Virtualmin server’s been running for years now without any real issues. However, I have one website hosted on my server which people in my local town need to be able to access. Everything’s fine so long as they do not use the same ISP that I do. The problem is that if they’re signed up to get their internet from the same provider as me, then they can’t access any of my sites that I host. Not a big deal until recently because most of my sites are not of interest to local around here. But now I’ve got one and seeing as we’ve only got 3 or 4 providers around here, I’m throwing out a “Server not found” to maybe 25% of my site viewers.

I suspect this is a DNS issue, but I really have no clue. I’ve tried to solve it for about a year now and no luck. I need some help, please…Ideas?


Hmm, it sounds like you’re dealing with a routing issue at your ISP of some sort. It may even be intentional on their part, though that’s hard to say.

It sounds like you’re saying that you’re hosting this on a residential ISP… so it’s possible the only fix is to use a provider designed for server/VPS hosting.

That said – if you give us the domain name you’re having problems with, we can do some DNS tests to make sure there isn’t a DNS issue.


Ok, try - it’s one of my domains being hosted…

Hmm, yeah, your DNS looks good to me.

What kind of connection are you hosting that on, is it a residential ISP, where you have NAT and such?


Hmm, I have NAPT enabled in my router. I think this would be a “residential” connection. It’s just through a local company who connected me through a coaxial connection to a Motorola surfboard cable adapter. In the adapter’s settings I have NAPT enabled. Should I disable this or do some sort of workaround?

Well, I was just trying to get an idea of your setup there.

What you’re describing really sounds like some sort of routing issue on your ISP’s end… you may want to give them a call to talk to them about it.

I suppose it could be an incorrect netmask or broadcast address setup in your router, but in theory, they could help with that too.

You’ll probably have to work a little bit to get up to their level 2 support before they know what you’re talking about, but I suspect they’re your best bet for helping you figure out what’s going on there.