Can't view folder public_html - FTP


First details:

Linux - Debian 4.0

Installed automatic from

I don’t like to view all system files when log on ftp virtual server user. So clicked “Limits and validation -> FTP directory restrictions” then Actived to all virtual servers and choosen “Users’ home directories” in Restrict to directory. Now when I log on ftp from one of virtual server user I see correct folders: awstats, cgi-bin, etc, homes, logs and public_html.

I can open all folders without important public_html!

Chmods of folders:
awstats 755
cgi-bin 750
etc 755
homes 755
logs 750
public_html 750

Really like Virtualmin, I’ll stay with it for server being :slight_smile:

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Do you receive an error when attempting to go into the public_html directory?