Can't View and Manage Users w/Webmin that were created by logging in from AD using realmd in RedHat 8


Hello! We have an old Redhat 6 server that we’re replacing with a RedHat 8 server.
In the redhat 6 server we used webmin to manage users as well as the old users config gui on the console that is no longer allowed to be installed on redhat 8. We had local users with the same usernames as active directory users and redhat would authenticate the users against the active directory and use that AD password.

However, in redhat 8, redhat is recommending that you do NOT create local users with the same usernames as active directory users.

I joined our redhat server to the server 2019 active directory domain with the new realmd system and was able to login to redhat via SSH with a user from the active directory. I did this as a test and a home directory was created automatically for the user in Redhat in /home.

However, I can’t see that user when I go to System > Users and Groups in webmin. I want to be able to still manage the user and the user’s home directory path, login shell, etc from webmin even though it’s an active directory user. I tested and was able to add the test AD user to one of the local groups on the redhat server via the terminal and using groupadd. So I know that the redhat system is able to work with the AD user.

Is there something I need to do so that webmin can see and manage the AD users from the webmin console? Am I missing a module or config file or something? I see that webmin shows “Local Users” and “Local Groups” as the tab options. Is there a way to display network/domain/active directory users and groups there? At least those that have been logged into the redhat server at least once? Or is there another tool I should be using to graphically manage users, groups, login shells, etc in redhat 8?


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