Cant use .com and for same name?

Hi I’m fairly new to the whole virtualmin,webmin stack type thing but so far impressed. However I have come up against a problem I cant figure out. If I create a virtual server with the name the virtual server is set up perfectly and the site is stored in /home/domain/public_html just like it should be. However if I then create virtualmin overwrites /home/domain/public_html. I have looked through the settings and experimented and although I can change instances of {HOME} in the apache section of the default template to get a different directory name in /home it is inaccessable and therefore useless! please help.

Many Thanks

Hrm, it doesn’t sound like it should do that :slight_smile:

What is – is that a new top-level Virtual Server you’re trying to create? Or is that a Sub-Server of some kind?



Yes top level created via the ‘Create Virtual Server’ link at the top of the virtualmin sidebar, and entering the domain name and password and thats it everything else is as default as the install is only a few days old.

I think you might be doing it wrong. I did at first too.

Once you have created the first virtual server ( select that domain in the drop down box (top left).

Then click “Create Virtual Server”. In the main window you will see “Create Virtual Server” and right under that “Alias of” (or whatever you domain is) Click that link and add

One other “gotcha”, well it got me anyway :-
Whilst is selected in the drop down box, click on “Server Configuration” and then “Email Settings” and pit a dot in “Mail aliases mode” - “Copy aliases from target”. Otherwise LOADS of junk mail.

Hope that helps

Edited to add :- I have assumed that the domains are the same and you want to be able to use and to go to the same website/hosting.

Thanks for your replys and as it happens I tried to recreate the problem so I could give more info but it worked and kept on working! As I mentioned it is a new install and today I’ve been hardening and optimizing so there has been a few reboots which seem to have sorted it out, thanks again for your input.


Okay, then that may be a bug :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound like it’s correctly detecting that such a user already exists, in your case. In fact, I’m pretty surprised it gets as far as setting up a user with the same username, that’s a bit strange!

But I might suggest two things:

  1. For the short term, you can simply change the username you’re creating one of those Virtual Servers with.

When creating the Virtual Server, in the “Administration username” field, just specify an alternative username to use, so that it doesn’t default to using the domain name.

  1. File a bug report. Virtualmin shouldn’t ever create one user overtop of another, so I would suggest filing a bug, so that Jamie can work with you to fix that! You can file a report using the Support link above.