Can't set up email forwarding

I am a virtualmin newbie. I’m trying to make the switch from cPanel and it’s not going well.

In cPanel, I had several forwarders set up. forwards to my gmail account, also forwards to that same gmail account. I didn’t actually have as a real mailbox because the mail would be forwarded, then immediately discarded.

I’m trying to do the same thing in virtualmin. I don’t want a mailbox, I just want my email to forward. How can I do this?

Thank you.

To follow up with what I’ve tried:

  1. Edit Users. There’s an option to “add a user to this server” but no option for either adding an alias user or to add a forwarding address.

  2. Editing the main user so that it accepts multiple email addresses. When I added to the main user, I received a message saying “the additional email domain is not managed by virtualmin” which I don’t understand since it’s the same domain of the server.

Told you I was a newbie… “Mail for domain enabled?” was not checked. Problem solved.