cant sent email

i can receive emails but i cant send any

here is the log


Well you have an answer from Gmail:
Jan 22 23:47:43 awesomename postfix/smtp[18060]: E28FF1840462:,[]:25, delay=1.8, delays=0.15/0.01/1.1/0.54, dsn=5.7.1, status=bounced (host[] said: 550-5.7.1 [] The IP you’re using to send mail is not authorized to 550-5.7.1 send email directly to our servers. Please use the SMTP relay at your 550-5.7.1 service provider instead. Learn more at 550 5.7.1 j206si11782323wmj.86 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA command))

Check the link Gmail sent you:

I suspect you dont have rDNS or missing/malformed SPF/DKIM. If you are using your ISP then you will never get rDNS from your provider and i would not be surprised they block port 25. If this is a server from a hosting company then you have two options - set rDNS in your control panel (usually SolusVM) or ask your hosting company to do it for you. Either way even if you properly setup everything (SPF, DKIM, DMARC,…) Gmail, Hotmail and many others will reject any email from IP without rDNS.

Is there a way to check the DKIM? because i am not sure if i have set it right…

I’m pretty sure that error is related to rDNS and not DKIM, but for the sake to check your settings use

well i did the test there and the error was this dmarc domainname Record Missing
and one warning in smtp with what u said smtp domainname Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

Regardless on other settings if you dont have rDNS or didnt set properly, Gmail and many others will simply reject your emails. This is standard practice and same settings i use for all my clients servers. Missing rDNS usually means bot spam, hacked server, server with open relay… and so on, e.g. nothing good with such emails.

well the big problem is i dont have static ip for my server and i am using no-ip to set my hostname for my server now i am confused on how to fix that error
is there an easy solution?

Easy solution would be to buy a server from a hosting company instead of hosting from home and is much cheaper. Today you can get unmanaged VPS from a good company for less than 10-15$/mo. Your ISP will never give you rDNS even if you pay for static IP and if it does the static IP plus business line will cost you more than VPS.