Can't send mail via Email client on single account only

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5 Pro
Related packages Postfix

Hi all,

At a bit of a loss here (have also read many other forum topics here but have found nothing exactly like this). Have set up a new server and migrated my personal domain / emails to that box.

I normally use Thunderbird but have also tried in Outlook - every mail account is fine except for a single one. I can’t send mail from the client with it, but inside Usermin it sends mail without problem.

I don’t see any useful logs, but I am far from an expert when it comes to mail…
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I didn’t do anything special in regards to settings/customisations.

Apr 7 13:23:43 box2 postfix/smtpd[6700]: warning: hostname blahblahblah does not resolve to address Name or service not known
Apr 7 13:23:43 box2 postfix/smtpd[6700]: connect from unknown[]

That’s all that is logged in mail.log/info and nothing in mail.err

Just to be clear. You have multiple email accounts set up in Thunderbird for this server. They all work but one. Are they all the same domain? What error does Thunderbird report.

That is correct, all same domain, multiple accounts. Just 1 is not sending.
Thunderbird waits at “Sending Message” for a very long time. Then eventually says:
Sending of the message failed.
The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) was lost in the middle of the transaction. Try again.

That sounds like the account in T’bird has been set up with the wrong “out going” server check T’bird settings are same for each account.

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You are right, somehow it was set to SSL instead of STARTTLS. Thanks all.

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