Can't restore without first deleting exisiting VS

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1-Pro
Related packages Beta-7 installer

Joe rightly complained on me after having expanded another issuse with a new issue, so I create a new issue here a and delete the other one (I’m still learning so please have patience).

Can’t restore backup to existing Virtual Server as the the restore process hangs. It seem to be problems with .lock files being created in /etc and when deleting these lock-files, the restore process continue until it is time to delete existing Maria DB, and then it hangs again, this time for good. The only way to restore a VS is to first manually delete the existing VS and then restore from the backup. That was not the case before changing to Debian 11 and Virtualmin 7 using the BETA-install.

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