Can't renew certs - Let's Encrypt brownouts as ACMEv1 deprecated

Operating system: Debian
OS version: 10 Buster

Details are at

Let’s Encrypt has begun rolling brownouts of their service as they move to deprecate ACMEv1, and as such I am currently unable to renew any of my certificates. I tried updating to the latest version of Webmin/Virtualmin, but I’m still seeing the error.

Will the ACMEv1 deprecation be addressed in an upcoming update? Is there any workaround for updating my expired certificate(s) manually that won’t break Virtualmin’s LE integration later on?

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Well this is fantastic. I dug into the LE folder and found that I’m already using ACMEv2, but THAT’s also offline at the moment. Just when I need to renew a fairly important cert on my most trafficked site. Thanks LE, ACMEv1 and ACMEv2 are BOTH down just now. I’ll try back in an hour or two.

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