Can't recieve emails from other people/sites

Hello I am having a problem with the email clients. I have been trying to send a email to my email for my site but I always get the return email saying it does not exist??? but I can send emails from it is there any way to fix this


You may want to take a look in the error logs, either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log, for clues.

However, one thing to check is to run the “hostname” command on your machine. That same hostname has to appear both in /etc/hosts, as well as on the mydestination line of /etc/postfix/

After making any changes, you’d want to make sure you restart Postfix.


can you please tell me how to get to here threw a ftp or browser ?


You can do it with a browser. You may at some point want to consider using SSH with a tool like Putty – that’s a good tool for a Linux admin, and allows you quick access to everything you need via the command line.

However, to view the mail log via a browser, you can log into Virtualmin, and click Webmin -> System -> System Logs – you’ll be able to view the mail logs from that screen.


I have set the hostname and domainname to my url and restarted postfix and smtp server but it still does not work???

could the port be blocked as every time I try to send a email to the email it says email does not exist but it does becuase I can email my self from it. Is there anyway to fix this as I have messing with it for hours and cant make it work!

A lot of ISP’s do block port 25, or redirect port 25 to their own email server.

One thing you could try is sending yourself an email from another location – such as using a Gmail or Yahoo account, for example.


I have tryed this it just returns 550 error

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected (state 14).