Cant manage sub-servers DB passwords

Am I missing something or we really can’t manage passwords for the databases on sub-servers we make?

I have made one account using the account plan you can the in the attachment, on the top level i can manage my database/passwords but on the sub-servers I can’t.

Edit: can’t upload img =/

But can manage database is marked

Top level Virtual Servers, as well as Sub-Servers, should definitely have an “Edit Databases” option.

However, Alias Servers would not have an Edit Databases option – aliases don’t have databases of their own, you’d need to edit them from the parent.


The manage databases is there but the password option isn’t (on sub-servers)


Sub-servers, by default, would use the same database username and password as the primary Virtual Server.

You can, of course, create additional database users if you like.

However, you wouldn’t actually do that from within “Edit Databases” – you’d first want to go into “Edit Mail and FTP Users”, and create an additional user there who has database permissions to the database you want them to be able to edit.

I admit that’s not particularly intuitive, I’ll bring that up to Jamie :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Sub-servers share the administrative user - which is the one for which you set the password with the option you’re missing - with their parent server.

To give further users access to sub-server databases, create them in the sub-server and use their “Other user permissions” config section to choose the desired databases.

EDIT: Damnit, I should have scrolled down and read all the posts here, Eric already answered this. :wink:

EDIT 2: I agree with Eric also on the “not too intuitive” part. :slight_smile: You put too much stuff in the “Edit mail and FTP users” command. Normally I would not expect to have to click that if I want to create a new database or SVN user.