Can't make phpmyadmin work for all default virtual servers users


my vps is running centos 7 and I have a question regarding phpmyadmin

I have created a virtual server for my hostname and have phpmyadmin installed on it (using install scripts). The idea is to have only 1 phpmyadmin installed and all virtual servers will use this to login to phpmyadmin.

when I go to, it loads fine. The problem is some users can login but some can’t.

ie. I have the following virtual servers created:

and all are created using the same plan, same server template.

when these domains are created, the default users are also created. ie. domain1, domain2, domain3.

The problem is, some default domain users can login to phpmyadmin without any problem, but some default domain users can’t. For those that can’t login, I’ll have to create a new user, grant access to the associated mysql database.

Why is that?

I have fixed the problem.

the problem has nothing to do with the permission, the problem is the password itself.

for some reason, when you create a new virtual server and when you enter a password for this account, that password sometimes won’t work. To fix it I have to go to Servers, MySQL database server, user permission, reset the password by reentering it once again.