Can't load up the UI

I have a new server for someother projects anyway the UI will not load sometime’s gets stuck on loading and never stops

this allso happens on import database updating stuff
right now I can get the left “sidebar” in webmin to load up but that’s it the rest just keep the brower on loading all the time

ive tryed restarting a few times also
I have to “/etc/init.d/webmin restart” just to get the left sidebar to load up :C

Any ideas?



I have a hunch that you may be running into a network or resource problem of some sort…

How much RAM does your server have?

Do any errors show up in /var/webmin/miniserv.error?


Hi Eric (again lol)
2 Gb mate it’s only a small server
I don’t see any errors in that file mate

Here it is tho (incase you see anything wrong)


That looks like the miniserv.log, rather than the miniserv.error… do you see anything unusual in the miniserv.error?

Also, try pinging your server from a remote location – if you let it do a good 50 pings or so, do you see any dropped packets?


sorry about that was the wrong file ><

it has alot of “Failed to initialize SSL connection” in it!

You mean like this?

BTW is 2gb ok?

It could possibly be a problem between your desktop and the server… if one of your ISP’s routers is having intermittent problems, that could cause it.

I don’t think what you’re seeing is a Webmin problem though, I think the issue is related to something else.

You might try accessing it from another computer, preferably if that’s from another ISP – and see if it works in that case.


I run two servers from the same company hmm

Anyway I can PM you ?
Maybe if i give you the log in you could look see if it loads for you?

Or hmm not sure lol

Also eric this is in the error log

[06/Mar/2011:02:13:57 +0100] [XX.XX.XX.XX] Timeout : Waited for that 520 seconds for start of headers

Ok some more info

my “working” (other server) webmin tab on the brower says “Virtualmin 3.83.gpl on etc…”
The none working one say’s “SSL Error” on the tab

On the server you’re having trouble with – what do you see if you run this command:

dmesg | tail

Hrm, that’s an odd message.

What output do you receive if you run this:

free -m



18793 pages in swap cache

Swap cache stats: add 1191344, delete 1172551, find 508061/586508

Free swap = 0kB

Total swap = 522108kB

515839 pages RAM

12523 pages reserved

144554 pages shared

487928 pages non-shared

Out of memory: kill process 4600 (apache2) score 416376 or a child

Killed process 21690 (apache2) vsz:188944kB, anon-rss:2632kB, file-rss:208kB

Hmm that don’t look to good am guessing

      total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

Mem: 1966 721 1244 0 31 173

-/+ buffers/cache: 516 1449

Swap: 509 290 218

Well, you have some notices there about having run out of memory… it had to start killing process at some point. But your RAM looks okay now.

And normally, 2GB is plenty (and more than a lot of folks have).

I’m not sure what else to suggest – I don’t think anything is wrong with the software on your server, I think it’s either a hardware issue or a network issue of some sort :slight_smile:

I’m aware that your other server is working fine, and that makes it all the more interesting!

I think the SSL messages you’re seeing are just a symptom of the problem, I don’t think they’re the problem themselves.

I can try loading your UI if you like. You can email me a username and password, and I can let you know if I’m seeing the same problem. You can email it to me using


Sent Eric

Might just wipe and start again :confused:
Putty is sooooo slow now also none of the site’s work

reinstalling Virtualmin again
making the “swap” bigger well post to results

Yeah, my browser wasn’t liking the login page… I didn’t have a chance to dig into more quite yet though.

You’re welcome to reinstall if you like – though if all the services on your server are being slow, that sounds like it points to another issue somewhere. It could be something like a misbehaving NIC or switch, the router could be acting odd, or something along those lines.

If you look at your ifconfig output, look at the “eth0” block, and see if there’s any errors listed next to the RX or TX packets line.


Well after bumping the swap to about 4gb all seems well (so far) the log in detail’s are this the same if you still wish to look Eric