can't ftp to document root, wrong home directory?

I installed virtualmin on a server with a few “virtual servers” on it already. Now, on one of them, its home directory is:

Home directory /home/aos

(which I could change by going to: Change Domain Name)

If I go to Services -> Configure Website, the Document Root is:


which is correct, and the site shows fine to the world.

However, if I login via ftp with this site’s ftp login details, I 'm sent to /home/aos and I can’t go to the document root.

How do I safely adjust this?


If I try to change the “/home/aos” to the correct “/home/klanten/” I get a message that it can’t be done as that directory already exists.

Tried it via: server configuration - change domain name

Any ideas?


It’s not handy not having ftp access for example.

For the rest, the server runs fine.

And I used to have ftp access a while ago, so don’t know what went wrong.

So to be clear, what you’re trying to do is change the homedir for an FTP user?

It sounds like somewhere along the way, the FTP user got out of sync with the details of the Virtual Server.

You may just need to get “under the hood” and update the dir.

You can do that from within Webmin -> Users and Groups, and modify the homedir for your user. Or just edit /etc/passwd, and change the homedir set for your user in there.