Can't find PHP Versions page

I would like to configure my virtual servers to used different versions of PHP. However, when going to the virtual server page, I’m unable to find the options the PHP Versions help page describes such as Default HTML directory and so forth.

Is this a pluggin that needs to be installed first?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

if you have php4 and php5 installed then make sure that you have set "lowest available" php version in the server template.


For folks using VM Pro, what you’re looking for would be in Server Configuration -> PHP Versions.

From there you can specify what the default PHP versions are.

If you’re using VM GPL, that’s a bit more tricky of a process – you’d have to manually set which version to use within the Apache config file in /etc for each Virtual host.

I see that. Does virtualmin detect the different versions of PHP instaled or does one need to tell it manually?

Ill take a bold and daring guess here as I do not have a lower version than php 5 and I run VM Pro…I’ll guess you have to tell it to GPL and Pro will find it by itself… you may correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Virtualmin Professional can almost always detect versions of PHP. On CentOS 5 we provide php4 packages that will be detected automatically (and, of course, php 5 is the default on CentOS 5 and is detected).

Virtualmin GPL doesn’t do anything with versions (or PHP, really), since none of the features for which it would be relevant exist in Virtualmin GPL.

I have RHES 5 with PHP 5 installed from stock which virtualmin Pro detects as you said. Now I would like to also have PHP 4. I’m prepared to compile it. Is there an RPM version which will install along side PHP 5, and thus be detected by VM Pro? Or will a compiled tar ball work just as well? (with the tar ball, I have a choice of where to install it.)

Yes, the CentOS 5 and RHEL repositories are the same–CentOS is a binary-compatible rebuild from source of RHEL. Just install the php5 packages you want. You can list them with:

yum list php5*