Can't find one of the the virtual server created recenlty :(

hi Guys,

I have created new virtual sever in Virtualmin. But I can’t see it now.

I was trying to create same site few times , But I am getting error saying Failed to create virtual server : The domain is already hosted by your Apache webserver.

So this means site is there . But why can’t I see this?

I can see all other sites in the sites drop drop box but not the sites. Even when I go check on List Virtual Server it is not there.

Please help


Is it possible this domain was added outside of Virtualmin at some point? If it were added to your Apache config outside of Virtualmin, that means Virtualmin wouldn’t know about it, but it also wouldn’t allow you to add a new domain with that same name.

If you log into your server as root over SSH, are you able to see the domain in your Apache config? What about the home directory, is there a home directory setup for that particular Virtual Server?