Can't find my Virtualmin licenses under My Account

I just bought another Virtualmin license for 10 domains. I got my receipt but when I checked my license under software licenses I don’t see any of them. My order numbers are #5180 which was bought today. #4588 purchased 9/26/2021, Can you help?


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This is odd. I can see your license attached to your subscription just fine.

What if you try logging in using another browser, double checking your user credentials, and then, is it still an issue?

It is odd indeed. After I posted my original question it reappeared about an hour later! I logged in once again and you can see from the attached screen capture nothing is coming up. I used incognito so I know it is not caching issue on my end.

That’s not the licenses page, though. That’s the “Dashboard”, which doesn’t really contain anything useful in our WordPress instance. Click “Software Licenses” in the menu. That should show you your active licenses.


That’s what I did when I took the screen capture I did click the “Software Licenses” menu. I do notice if I click the menus “My Account” or “Software Licenses” the URL are both coming up as - Sign In – Virtualmin.

It may happen with Firefox, unfortunately. It is a caching issue.

Please try private window or another browser, like Chrome.

In the private conversation jaldeguer said he’s tried Safari and Edge, I think. Since Edge is based on Chromium, I would think it’d behave similarly to Chrome. And, I can’t reproduce it in Firefox, so you may be placing blame in the wrong place. :wink:

Yes, maybe.

But I have experienced it few times while doing testings in the past. Most of the times Firefox works for me. And it hasn’t happened recently.

FF does not use same crypto as Google Chrome does and same for chromium…I have no idea about edge as ms modified so heavy that’s same crappy as IE… I would ask user to load the page in ggl chrome and hit 3 to 5 times ctrl+f5 keys just brute force and he would be fine…same for FF.

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