Can't enable letsencrypt


I have Webmin version 1.930 on CentOS Linux 6.10 ant can’t see Letsencrypt tab in Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> manage SSL Certifikate (
Virtualmin configuration don’t show any errors.
At Webmin -> Webmin -> System Configuration -> SSL Encryption I can see Letsencrypt (, so i think it’s installed

Thanks for help

do you have SSL website enabled in your virtual server options?

also you may have to copy over certificates after doing this from the prompts in Virtualmin

Yes, “SSL website enabled?” enabled.
Strange, that I can’t find that LetsEncrypt tab in “Manage SSL Certificate”, maybe I must turn on something in Webmin main configuration?

very strange. I don’t remember needing to configure anything in Webmin as its all about the apache virtual server itself not the underlying machine config for anything SSL related.

Have you tried a reinstall or update to see if this resolve the issue?