Cant download my database


I am trying to download my database from my virtualmin to upload it to a new hosting. I have already make a virtualserver backup of all my files, but i cant seem to find the etc_etc.msql file in there.

when i go to the database backup section it show me the database, but when i try to make a backup i have this error.

Database backup failed : mysqldump failed : cannot create /usr/home/flyspeck/: Is a directory

If you have SSH access you can dump the database using

mysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD -hlocalhost --add-drop-table DATABASE_NAME > FILE.sql

Are you using Virtualmin as root user? If you have root access, this is how you download a MySQL dump file with Virtualmin. If you don’t have root access, see if phpMyAdmin is available to you.

if you’ve downloaded a normal Virtualmin backup, you’re probably not seeing the database because it’s in a hidden UNIX directory called .backup .

these are the files that are on the .backup

none of them are the .mslq